Royce Gracie in KUWAIT!

دريت عن تواجد اسطورة اليو أف سي ( رويس قريسي ) قبل ساعات فقط, السيمينار منظم من قبل أكاديمية سايد كيك ليومين . كل يوم 3 ساعات تقريبا .

Roberto ( Brazillian Jiujitsu Black Belt came with Royce ) Rolled with the guys and gave grt instructions !

Luckily I had a grt conversation between me and Royce that I’de like to share : read below if interested :

Al3dwani twins with Royce

Me :  Prof Hoyse, May I ask u a question plz?

Prof Royce : Yes plz

Me : Is it true that the right way to do bjj is being very smooth, flexible and slow?some say that fighters using strength, explosiveness and speed is not the right way of bjj?

Prof Royce: We are not the same, each one of us has his unique body style,advantages and way of fighting. Ucan’t just copy my style or the style of the fighter next to u,u do wat ur best at,u use ur bodies advantages, do ur own game and not follow ur opponents  game.

learning proper technique first is a must THEN ucan add ur own style of fighting,if ur fast and strong USE IT,If u are very flexible,then USE IT.At the end we r all doing jiujitsu.

For example : Mohammed Ali, Frazier and Mike Tyson. Their boxing legends, yet does Mike tyson (Very aggressive explosive fighter, fights like Mohammed ali?

Me : Not at all

Prof Royce : Does Ali fights the same style and way like Frazier?) or are they all grt legends with their own fighting way and unique styles.

Legit Seminar at Sidekick, guys had the opportunity to roll with the legend 😉 Special thnx to all guys from sidekick academy for participating today  😉

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  1. thanks for sharing this conversation with the LEGANDRY

  2. very interesting conversation and love the pictures as well :)

  3. ali alharbi says:

    3ashaw 3adwany twins!

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